Please excuse the graphical representation of my email address - this is an attempt to foil the address gathering Web Spiders used by those scummy email spammers.


To all the Merchants of Spam out there;

1) No, I won't give you my [Insert Random Bank Here] account details.
2) I have no need for Viagra, Viagrex, Ciallis, Little Blue Pill etc etc
3) Boots takes care of all my prescription "Medz" needs.
4) I don’t need a loan, mortgage or credit check.
5) I don't have a need to "rest" any far off Government's tax money in my bank account.
6) I didn't even enter that €2M Euro Lottery that I keep on winning.
7) Who needs a "genuine" £50 Rolex when I've got Swatch!
8) My missus doesn't want me to buy a Russian Bride. Sorry.
9) How come Prince Akeem, that has US $6M to give to me, has a hotmail address?