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Circa 1991, Ocean's Lancashire House.

...with hair.

...and turn ups.

...and an awful lot of denim.

Good God!
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Mr Gary Bracey.

Ocean's Software Manager.

The Brains behind the games...
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Ocean in house Development Team

Circa 1987.
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Mike Lamb

Spectrum Supremo
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John Brandwood

Master of the Amstrad CPC
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Mark Jones

Spectrum Art Supremo
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James Higgins

Programmer Extraordinaire
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Ocean Software in 1987

6, Central Street, Manchester.
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Warthog - Team Starlancer

Circa 1998, Depleach Hall, Cheadle.
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Warthog - Starlancer, Star Trek Invasion, Tom & Jerry teams.

Circa 1999, Depleach Hall, Cheadle.
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Warthog - Tools 'n Tech Team (sans Morten Brenna)

Circa 2004.